The good report card of three times CM Shivraj Chauhan

Three times CM Shivraj Chauhan is a leader who can safely be called a good administrator. His ability to include all the stakeholders of an issue in a decision-making process despite the alienation they suffer in a society that makes him a good administrator.

The political leader and three times CM Shivraj Chauhan is one leader who has been working tirelessly to ensure the upliftment of the downtrodden section of the society especially the poor. Shivraj Chauhan has been achieving this goal via conception and a successful implementation of several welfare schemes. His government has also amended the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act to ensure that a sense of self-respect is maintained in all castes and sections the society. After an agitation was observed after the Center and Supreme Courts decisions, three-time CM Shivraj Chauhan and his government amended the bill and prevented it’s misuse and calmed down the ongoing protests all in a single stroke. It was a great political and administrative move.

The achievements of the government

Under its three times CM Shivraj Chauhan, Madhya Pradesh has achieved the highest agricultural growth rates in the entire country. The alleviation of people from under the poverty line has achieved peak under this government. Madhya Pradesh is one of those states in the country that suffers from a limitation in human resource and also suffers from a lack of an industrial base. Despite all these limitations, the industrial sector of Madhya Pradesh has performed well as compared to other states of the nation.

It is a widely accepted fact that Madhya Pradesh under its three times CM Shivraj Chauhan has become an example of good governance. Madhya Pradesh today, is known to care for its citizen from birth to death and for making serious efforts to make the life better for each and every individual.

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