Yogi government demolished illegal mazars

In what might be called a radical step, on 12th of November, the  Yogi government demolished illegal mazars near the Govardhan Parvat in Mathura. The seven illegal mazars that were razed have been demolished after they had come up as encroachments around the holy Govardhan Parvat. The Govardhan Parvat is a hill that holds special significance amongst Hindus all over the world as it is believed to be the same hill that Lord Krishna picked up on his little finger to save people from the wrath of the Hindu God of rain, Indra. While visiting the hill, Hindus do a parikrama that is walking around the hill to pay their respects.

The complaints of illegal encroachments and around the hill have existed for a long time. In 2015, the National Green Tribunal had passed an order directing the government of Uttar Pradesh to remove all encroachments around the holy hill. The Tribunal had conducted an inspection and prepared a report prior to passing the order. The report had also called for the designation of a “no construction” zone around the hill where the parikrama takes place. The recommendations of this report have been put in effect when the Yogi government demolished illegal mazars around the Govardhan Parvat.

It will not be long before this step wherein the Yogi government demolished illegal mazars will be given a religious angle and the political climate will be heated up once again. it is sad to observe that Indian politics has reached the level where everything can be predicted if objects associated with religion are involved. It is highly imperative that the decision according to which the Yogi government demolished illegal mazars be seen as exactly what it is: an administrative decision based on the report of the National Green Tribunal.

It is a decision that should have been carried out a long time ago but perhaps it was the fear of hurting religious sentiments that kept previous governments from carrying it out. With this decision, however, Yogi has shown that as far as the proper administration of the state goes, he is not going to bow down to any pressure and take the appropriate decisions.

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