Thanks to “Make in India”; Train-18 is now a reality

As a result of the efforts and hard work put in by the India Railways, Train-18 is now a reality. A prime example of the ‘Make in India’ movement, this train matches international levels of performance, safety and passenger comfort an yet true to the legacy of everything that has an indigenous origin, costs less than half the international prices. Train-18 holds the capacity to cause a major cataclysm in the world of train trade.

ISRO had put India on the global competition level when it revolutionised the satellite launch business with reliable technology that was actually very cheap. Continuing this established legacy and with the constant dedication of the Integral Coach Factory, Train-18 is now a reality. Train-18 has been designed in such a manner that it can attain a maximum speed of a hundred and sixty kilometres per hour and holds the potential to reach two hundred if provided with a matching track, signalling infrastructure and overhead equipment.


What makes Train- 18 so unique?

The closest that the Indian Railway had to Train- 18 is the Shatabdi and that is just comparing the travel classes. A ‘Make in India’ dream child and equipped with audio-visual passenger information system, super comfortable seating and Wi-Fi, Train-18 is now a reality. The toilets are of the vacuum type similar to the ones used in aircraft. The mind-blowing stuff is, however, the lighting. It comes in dual mode; it is diffused for general illumination but has a concentrated personal one for every seat. Train- 18 is provided with insulation that is installed to keep the heat as well as noise to an extremely low level. This is a train class apart when it comes to passenger comfort.


Train-18 is now a reality thanks to Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative that promoted and propagated such projects. Projects that are indigenous yet stick to the legacy of introducing the world to really good technology at a really low price.

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