Narendra Modi will visit Maldives to attend the swearing in ceremony of Solih

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will visit Maldives to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the newly elected President of the people of Maldives. The Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed that he has received an invitation and has decided to attend. The Prime Minister will be visiting the island nation for the first time on 17th of November, 2018.

The election of Ibrahim Mohamed Soli with a clear victory has ushered in a wave of relief for all the democratic forces and supports in the world. Fuelled by religious extremism, the previous Abdulla Yameen government had been pursuing an active pro-China policy affecting diplomatic relations with New Delhi very severely. Fortunately, a new government is elected and it is in an attempt to have better relations that Narendra Modi will visit Maldives.


The changing dynamics of Indo- Maldives relations

The Maldives has always enjoyed great relations with India ever since the country achieved independence from the Britishers in 1965. The tiny island nation viewed India as a strong counterbalance to the nation of Sri Lanka and as a source of constant aid. It is to rekindle these relations that saw a period of turmoil that Narendra Modi will visit Maldives.

When Abdulla Yameen ruled the country, however, the Chinese government was the one showing great assertion over the island nation. The Chinese investments grew uncontrollably and as result, as of now, Maldives owes twenty-five per cent of its GDP and eighty per cent of its foreign debt to China. The rule of Yameen was one marked by serious concerns for the sovereignty and economy of Maldives.


The growing closeness with China had terribly damaged the relations between the Maldives and one of its closest allies, India. It is now with a hopeful eye that the world looks at the new regime and how it deals with the Chinese debt and religious extremism. India remains hopeful of a cane as well and to ensure that the Maldives knows this Narendra Modi will visit Maldives.

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