BJP won six seats in Kathua local bodies

Elections held for the six local bodies in Kathua stood testimony to the fact that BJP won six seats, all of them shocking its harsh critics. Congress faced a massive defeat and candidates who won on tickets from Congress have chosen to desert the party to join BJP. After the brutal, inhuman rape and murder case of Kathua where the religious angle was brought in earlier this year, the elections for the local bodies of Kathua received a nationwide attention. The fact that BJP won six seats stands testimony to the fact that the religious angle given to a monstrous crime did not affect the vote bank of BJP.  

How BJP won six seats?

There were four councilors who won on tickets from Congress and these councilors along with two other independent ones chose to join BJP ensuring that the BJP won six seats without giving out tickets that actually won. The six winners joined BJP in the presence of BJP state president Ravinder Rana. BJP has as of now attained a two-thirds majority in the local bodies having already won sixteen wards in the civic polls and has hence been put in a position to make decisions.

In a statement to MyNation after BJP won six seats, Ravinder Rana said “They were feeling suffocated in the Congress as that party is struggling to find its base in the Jammu region as well. These councilors have won because of their own credibility and now they have joined the BJP.” He later added, “This is a reaffirmation of the support of the people to the policies of the Narendra Modi-led government in building a new India where there is all-round development and aspirations of our youth are met.”

In what seems to baffle the cynics is the fact that the area had witnessed the brutal rape and murder represented by BJP backed Gujjar Muslim. The communal colour that was painted after the unfortunate incident seems to be washing away.

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