Yogi government working on reforms to help Triple Talaq Victims

To guarantee Muslim women the provisions offered under The Muslim Women Protection of Rights in Marriage Act, the BJP government approved an ordinance making Triple Talaq a punishable offence while the Yogi government has taken several steps to help the Triple Talaq victims. This comes when the government is continuously accused of saffronisation by people who choose to overlook the real work done.

A huge number of women from the Muslim community really appreciated the government’s decision to end this cruel practice and also appreciate the steps taken to help the Triple Talaq victims. The looming threat that they can be divorced at any given time and be thrown out of a household they gave their lives building no longer troubles the ninety million Muslim women of India. They no longer live in fear as a practice that treated them unequally and gave their male counterparts the rights to decide the course of their future without their consent does not exist any longer.

The Yogi government has turned it’s attention towards the implementation of this reform and helping the Triple Talaq victims at the ground level. There is to be an appointment of a hundred Muslim women who will work as “teen talaq pramukhs” all across the state of Uttar Pradesh. This step is taken to enforce the idea that Muslim women need to understand their rights that exist, user, the provisions of the Constitution and creating awareness about the menace that is the Triple Talaq.

The main task of these appointed “pramukhs” will be the rehabilitation of the Triple Talaq victims and their children. Yogi government is also trying to conduct a survey in December to help towards this reform.

The government says that educated women who have a hold on the knowledge of Shariat and the Indian law and are willing to bring a change in the lives of the Triple Talaq victims will be appointed as “pramukhs”. 

These are some really positive steps taken by the Yogi government that will help the Muslim women break the bondage enforced upon them in the name of tradition.

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