Benefits of Statue of Unity Summarised

On the 1st of October when the Statue of Unity was unveiled, it received its fair share of criticism. However, these critics conveniently chose to forget the benefits of Statue of Unity. An investment this large cannot possibly a complete waste as people are choosing to call it. The benefits of Statue of Unity are many and here we are going to attempt to explore s few of those benefits.

One of the major questions raised was why is the government wasting such a huge amount of money when so many people live below the poverty line are going to bed hungry every day.

If recent World Bank reports are to be believed then India no longer holds the title of having the highest number of people living in abject poverty. Thanks to the government, every minute, forty-four people are coming out of the poverty line in India. It is not like the government is ignoring the poor, the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grammen Kaushalya Yojana and Roshni are two of the numerous schemes implemented to lift people out of poverty while the Antyodaya Anna Yojana ensures that people do not go to bed hungry. Questioning the benefits of Statue of Unity based on unrelated issues is hence just a part of outrage culture with no substantive backing.

The biggest benefit of Statue of Unity, however, drives from the amount of revenue it will generate from tourism. This statue is going to be a major international tourist attraction which will become one of the largest employment opportunities in the coming years in the region. The growth of hotels, restaurants, taxi services and employment of local guides and sale of local items is bound to grow because of the Statue of Unity.

The location of the statue is amidst tribal lands which not only help in bringing the tribal into the mainstream but will also increase their revenues.


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