Congress member caught selling party ticket: Is this the government we want?

There have been many blames upon BJP for not being the type of government they promised to be. Well, lets be honest here. We know what type of government Congress has become. Now, another news has come forward. Rajasthan’s  chairman of screening committee Kumari Selja has been caught selling Congress party ticket.

She is being blamed for selling a party ticket for Rs3.5 crores. Scams like these is what has made Congress party untrustworthy. Even, the trustful members of Congress are being frowned upon and its true that Congress’s representative Rahul Gandhi is no other person than one on whom hundreds of Memes and jokes are created online.


Congress entrusted Kumari Selja with the responsibility for selecting members for Rajasthan assembly elections back in June 2018. Along with her, Lalitesh Tripathi and Shakir Shanadi were elected members of the team.

A congress spokesperson, named Tom Vadakkan has told that the gates are open and anyone could have done the job. The accusations, can be false but unless proved she is guilty.

Coming to the more important topic, people are looking forward to making Congress win the elections in 2019 but the question is ” Do we want such a government?”

Narendra Modi was given 5 years to do something. He took many actions like demonitisation, GST and many more. Yes, people are not happy with them but Congress was given almost 15 years into power and they did nothing. Atleast, BJP is trying something.

Now we are goi to put forward some points which will bring a comparison between the two governments.


  • Have ruled over 60 years and still India is backward country.
  • Known for dynasty politics.
  • Currently, no leader who can lead India to success.
  • In their rule, no investment, mass unemployment is seen.


  • Have a very strong leader who was also poor when young, so he knows the struggle.
  • BJP hasn’t been alleged for corruption yet and that’s the one point you need to stick in your mind.
  • They don’t fear to take big decisions.


We, as people should think upon it for once and carefully choose which government to bring in the next elections.

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