Decongestion of Gurugram, an actual ground reality

Manohar Lal Khattar led BJP’s government all set to complete four years of its governance in Haryana. The chief minister of Haryana has had a mixed tenure filled with criticism as well as praise. While the Haryana state government received flak on Dera riots, Jat agitation and Rampal Jailing amongst other issues; it gathered immense praise for its dedication towards development. One of the major works that shine for the Khattar government is decongestion of Gurugram.

The city of Gurugram was infamous for its notorious traffic jams. This used to be a major source of noise pollution as well as unwarranted delay and stress for the commuters. After the arrival of Khattar at the apex of the Haryana government, steps are being undertaken to move towards decongestion of Gurugram. This city generates huge revenues for the state and hence it is important that attention is paid towards its maintenance.

Khattar Governments work towards decongestion of Gurugram

The decongestion of Gurugram is not just a plan set out on paper but something wherein actual groundwork can be observed. The Gurugram Development Authority (GDA) has been established to introduce an implement a model for Gurugram governance that can find its roots in the model used to govern the likes of Singapore or Greater London. Urban planning, infrastructure, mobility and GIS are treated as areas of utmost importance.

The Khattar led BJP government has been working tirelessly to make the decongestion of Gurugram a ground reality. Multiple development projects have been undertaken that include flyovers, underpasses and over bridges to help achieve the goal of decongestion of Gurugram. In January this year, two newly built underpasses at Rajiv Chowk and Signature Tower lying on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway were inaugurated. This has bought great relief to commuters and is one of the many projects that have made Khattar government one that is dedicated to development.

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