The ecosystem between media and Congress and its changing dynamics

It was the Indian media that played a central role in keeping the Congress party in power for a larger part of its post-independence era. It is during this time of the Congress reign that an ecosystem between the media and Congress was developed that favoured the ideas and propaganda of the Congress. This infamous relationship is often referred to as Lutyen’s media. It was through its coteries in the ecosystem between media and Congress that public opinions were controlled and manipulated in favour of the Congress leaders. If a Live Mint report is to be believed then the senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal had once infamously remarked that there are over a hundred and fifty media publications that come under the ownership of individuals affiliated to Congress. He had also claimed that this machinery existing in the ecosystem between media and Congress will be activated to “carve a legend out of Rahul Gandhi within the decade”.

How Modi combated the ecosystem between media and Congress.

The advent of social media and its widespread use, however, disrupted the influence caused by the ecosystem between media and Congress. The television as a medium of propagation was pushed to the borderlines and the internet occupied the limelight. The Modi wave used this powerful tool called the internet and with the help of social media reached the populace and threw Congress out of power.

The sense of power that the Congress obtained from the years of the existing ecosystem between media and Congress is far from gone even after staying out of power for years now. This is clearly evident from the reactions the journalists who are not favourable with the Congress face from the leaders and spokespersons of the party.

One such example was when Congress spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi has abused television anchor during a live broadcast and has manhandled anchor Sumit Awasthi. No action was taken against him by the party.

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