Hamid Ansari sparked controversy with a statement at book launch

Former Vice President of India Hamid Ansari sparked controversy at Saeed Naqvi’s new book launch ‘Being the Other– The Muslim in India’ when in a statement he said  “We are not ready to accept that we were equal culprits in the deed. On 11 August 1947, four days before independence, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel made a statement where he said: ‘We took these extreme steps after great deliberation. In spite of my previous strong opposition to Partition, I agreed to it because I was convinced that to keep India united, it must be divided.’”

What statement of Hamid Ansari sparked controversy?

This statement by Hamid Ansari sparked controversy as people got offended that he was laying the responsibility of partition equally on the shoulders of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The former vice president also said that when the political scenario changed, someone had to be blamed for the partition and it was an easy job to point fingers against the Muslims. He said, “Everyone agreed that Muslims should be held responsible.”

It is not the first times that a statement by Hamid Ansari sparked controversy amongst the populace and media alike. When he was speaking on the last day of his office, the then vice president of India had made a statement about the prevailing sense of unease and insecurity amongst the Indian Muslims. Previously in 2015, at the golden jubilee function of All India Muslim Majilis-e-Mushawarat, Hamid Ansari had spoken in support for affirmative action for Muslims causing quite a stir.

Also, the actions of Hamid Ansari sparked controversy when he had in a statement asked the courts to “clarify the contours within which the principles of secularism and composite culture should operate with a view to strengthen their functional modality and remove ambiguities”.

The right wing and the fundamentalists have never been a great fan of Hamid Ansari or his ideologies and statements. While one may agree that he has the freedom to expression and the rights to speak freely on the account of India being a free country, it is hard to deny that we as a nation suffer from outrage culture and are easily offended.

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