Amit Shah attacked the Kerala state government during his visit to Kannur

BJP chief Amit Shah was in the Kannur district of Kerala to inaugurate the party’s new office. It was on this occasion that addressed a rally of his party workers with an exhilarating speech that entailed a scorching attack against the incumbent Communist government. Amit Shah attacked the Kerala state government on the issue of the Bhagwan Ayyappa devotees and the Sabarimala Temple verdict.

The story behind why Amit Shah attacked the Kerala state government
Common people and journalists alike are claiming that it will not be an exaggeration to say that emergency like situations exists in Kerala. Their claims are backed by the fact that the police have arrested more than two thousand people allegedly involved in peaceful protests against the Supreme Court verdict allowing women to enter the Sabarimala Temple.
Sabarimala Achara Samrakshana Samithi’s Suresh Kumar and Anoj Kumar had petitioned the High Court regarding the unlawful arrests being made by the police and that even peaceful protestors were being harassed and further targeted. They also claim that in various cases, the police are manufacturing the case against devotees after taking them into custody. There has been an overwhelming four hundred and fifty cases registered relating to the issue.
This formed the backdrop and the main reason why Amit Shah attacked the Kerala state government.

What did the BJP chief have to say?
As Amit Shah attacked the Kerala state government, he said, “The Kerala government with their powers tried to remove the real devotees from inside the Sabarimala temple who fought for their right. This is a conspiracy by the state government to divide the people in the name of religion. The state govt. should not try to hurt the feelings of the devotees of Lord Ayyappa. In the name of the court judgment, those who want to create violence let me tell you there are various temples which run on different rules and norms. In Sabarimala temple, the women entry is not allowed and also there are many temples in India where women are allowed and men are not allowed. Kerala govt., pay attention to the development of the state and Lord Ayyappa will take care of his devotees. You don’t have to worry about that.”
“The Kerala government in the name of the Supreme Court’s judgment is creating a rift, but my question is why only this judgment? There are so many judgments that you don’t follow such as Jallikattu and others. Why only Sabarimala judgment? They have created an atmosphere of emergency in Kerala.” Amit Shah attacked the Kerala state government

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