Mayawati exit: Breakthrough in Mahagathbandhan

Months After sharing a stage with Sonia Gandhi at the oath-taking ceremony of H K Kumaraswamy, Mayawati dumps Congress in the upcoming state elections in Madhya Pradesh. While addressing media, she cleared her stand on the alliance with Congress party in the upcoming state elections. From the very first highlighting the contribution of Kashiram and Dr. B.R Ambedkar to the very end blaming Congress of casteism and communalism. Prior to it, she gave a blow to Congress in Chattisgarh by joining hands with Congress rebel Ajit Jogi.

Various Highlights of her address are the following:-

  • She blamed Digvijay Singh for not having an alliance. Mayawati said “Digvijay Singh was acting like an agent of BJP in Madhya Pradesh.
  • She said that the Congress party is not in favor of defeating BJP but demolishing regional favourites to zero.
  • She said that Congress favors casteism and communalism.
  • Mayawati believes that Congress party is arrogant and lacks the potential to fight BJP alone. She further added People are not ready to vote for Congress.
  • She further reminds Congress that though they ignored Dr.B.R Ambedkar by not awarding Bharat Ratna, the alliance was of greater importance.

After Mayawati’s media address, Congress tried to console by saying that “if Mayawati holds trust in Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi then creases can be ironed out”. BJP taking a dig at Mayawati’s outburst underlined it as “coalition not in their DNA”. Congress is already lacking behind in leadership qualities. Initially, NCP chief Sharad Pawar defended PM Narendra Modi on Rafale deal. Moreover, KCR took a step back on being in alliance with Congress. Mamta Banerjee is having her own political ambitions sidelining Rahul Gandhi as her leader. Furthermore, AIMIM had an alliance with Prakash Ambedkar recently snubbing Congress party in Maharashtra. After Mayawati’s exit, Congress party is in a fix what to do and what not to do. Further time will tell whether Mahagathbandhan will play a vital role in 2019 General Elections or not.



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