Modi’s plans for growth and development for all till the year 2019

There is no denying to the fact that the Modi government has taken a lot of Bold and necessary decisions in its reign till now like demonitisation. But Modi Government’s reign will be over next year and there will be elections again. Modi’s plans for growth is very inclusive and he is well prepared for the elections has said that these three things will be what he would be focusing on till 2019: Growth, development and development for all.

Modi government has provided electricity to 18000 villages since 2014 which had no access to it. That certainly is a milestone. A village is declared electrified if 10 per cent of the households along with public places like schools and health centres have electricity. The government plans to provide electricity to every household by the year-end under the Saubhagya scheme.

Modi’s plans for growth and development includes another initiative, free cooking gas connections to poor families, that the BJP believes has helped widen its support base, especially in rural areas. They have reported that “four crore poor families received a gas connection, five crores more left to go”.


The bullet train project that aims at developing a high-speed rail corridor between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is the rail ministry’s biggest success so far. In its promotional campaign, the government will use the bullet train as a metaphor for what it calls fast-paced development during the last four years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to extend a Welfare Program to India’s 500 million workers as he bids for re-election in 2019.

He aims to initially provide three programs- old age pension, life insurance to all and maternity benefits.

Also, the Government has been continually focusing on improving the Slum areas. According to the Ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation, at the slum decadal growth rate of 34%, the slum households are projected to go up to 18 million. Two million non- slum urban poor households are proposed to be covered under the mission. Hence, the total housing shortage envisaged to be addressed through the new mission is 20 million.


There are many many more things that Modi’s plans for growth and development include but first take a look at this statement.

“It takes at least a year to build a perfect house then how can you expect a government to build crores of them and do many more tasks in just 5 years.”

I think Modi has proved that he is not a corrupt person but if still you believe in Congress’ tactics and think that they will develop India then forget it. Rahul Gandhi as big as he is is an immature person who is just popular because of his family history. Modi rose from being a Tea-Seller to such a spot in which he is now and he deserves to be given yet another chance in the 2019 elections.


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