PM Modi coins “Ajay Bharat Atal BJP” for 2019 Elections

Setting the tone for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi on
Sunday, 9th September 2018 put forth the slogan for the upcoming
election campaign as ‘ Ajay Bharat Atal BJP ’, paying his deepest
tributes to the former PM Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the National
Executive meet in New Delhi.
PM Modi said the new slogan ‘Ajay Bharat Atal BJP’ will motivate the
party leaders and workers towards a victorious and a better India for
the 2019 assembly polls and the general elections. He further added
that the new slogan will represent the party’s commitment to the
nation as well as the progress made by India under its rule. Union
Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the new slogan ‘Atal Bharat Ajay
BJP’ means a ‘Bharat’ which cannot be subjugated by anyone and
that India will always remain to be a glorified nation. He also assured
the public that BJP will always work for the right cause and in favour
of the common man.
BJP chief Amit Shah slammed the opposition of creating
bewilderment and indulging in disruptive politics for gathering
support. He asked the party workers to expose the opposition by
facts and figures. Earlier, P. Chidambaram of Congress questioned
the idea of GST and demonetization. Shah also described BJP’s
achievements since its election in 2014. He further added, that BJP
will rule for the next 50 years after its election in 2019 and the
assertion is not borne out of arrogance but due to its performance.
BJP chief Ami Shah also said that PM Modi is working hard and a lot
of developmental work has been done which will lead them to
victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
PM Modi also took a dig at the opposition parties, mocking the
‘Mahagatbandhan’ or the Opposition unity. He said that the parties
which do not look ‘eye to eye’ and share no similar ideologies are
ready to come together just to remove a capable party from power.
He also said that no one, not even the smaller parties were ready to
accept the leadership of the Congress in such an alliance. PM Modi

said that there is a need for a capable opposition in the democracy
since Congress has always fought over lies instead of real issues.
BJP is leaving no stone unturned for the upcoming Lok Sabha
elections. The party has already made a blueprint of the strategy to
be followed for the elections. BJP will soon release a 3-minute video
showcasing all its achievements in the past five years and its plans
for the next five.

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