Reservation – An idea of growth as well as destruction

Every idea has a life cycle after which it needs a change else its essence which had to bring improvement leads to deterioration; Because Change is the only Constant truth.
Aren’t we experiencing scenarios in our own country, with the chronic issue of reservations since freedom?
Reservation was an idea which was sowed to bring parity in the country so that the weaker sections get the similar opportunities to grow. It was to ensure that we don’t leave any talent behind, due to the scarcity of the resources. It helped our country to see many talents coming up to build a new perception in the minds and prove it to be a great move.

After successful implementation of reservations policy, the process of well thought and investigated change was completely forgotten, these sections were left to believe that it was their right to get the reservations and the essence of this idea started diminishing, rather than empowering it became the dependency for the benefited section in the country and we have currently experienced an example of this when this section declared “Bharat band” and came on the roads for the strike.
Ours is a growing country and advocating removal of the policy will only increase the risks of increase in differences of the living standards in the society, whereas smarter move will not only provide opportunity to the right candidate and will also create a willingness into the people to compete as they will be assured of the results of the efforts which are being put.

The policy should be molded in such way that it should have a well-researched section of the society, which actually needs the reservation and it must not be classed basis castes, the basis should now move to a better defining requirements such as the composition of the population to ensure the least bias, we should refer the students basis the schools they are going to, basis the genders which are left out, now there is a time where we come up with the well-thought policies where we are not making generations dependent on it to get the best-paid jobs or making their career without efforts, rather the policies should be such which is empowering them to be capable to think, to take the right decisions, to live for a greater causes than them and to be the backbone of the country.

And to ensure this we will have to strictly abide by the deadlines of the policies so that they are modified and updated as per the requirements and improvements which are taking place in the country and after every deadline, ascertaining the new set of the section where the benefits are required. So that it goes a long way and improves the root of the society.
There is no idea which is good or bad it’s just how we mould and make of it. Because it has the power to create or destroy whole human races.

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