Woman: The pillar of society

“There is no chance of welfare of the world unless the condition of a woman is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing.” quoted by Swami Vivekananda. Whenever we built a house we make sure that foundation of the pillar is maintained properly, even a single error creates a huge problem for the builder. In the same way, while building our country we require a strong and safe woman, the pillar of society.

The woman in the Vedic period-  The Vedic society was quite free and did not pose many restrictions upon free movement of their women. They were educated along with boys of their own age. In the family, they enjoyed complete freedom and were treated Arthanginis.The woman was regarded as having an equally important share in the social and religious life because a man without a woman was considered as an incomplete person. She regularly participated in religious ceremonies with her husband. There were many scholars who composed hymns of Rig Veda. Lopamudra, Gargi, and Maitreya were the pioneers among them. Lopamudra, the wife of Agasti Rishi, composed two verses of Rig Veda. Thus it is concluded that during the Vedic period the woman was an integral part of society and was well respected.

The woman in the 21st century- Today the pillar of society is in danger and need an atmosphere where she could feel proud of being the pillar. According to statistics crime against women rose from 41.7% to 53.9% between 2011 to 2015. up to 3,27,294 cases were reported in 2015 alone, including 34,651 cases of rape, 4,437 of attempted rape, 59,277 cases of kidnapping and abduction, 7,634 dowry death, and 1,13,403 cases of domestic cruelty. The basic problem that remains unaddressed is the mindset of society i.e upbringing of an individual in the society. We live in a society that teaches the woman to be careful, not to be raped instead of teaching men, not to rape. Rather than respecting her we treat her like an object. Our society raises the question about the girl being raped, making her accused, of fault she is a victim of, but could we question 8-month old girl of the fault, committed by her own cousin brother. Our society is in a dire need of some major changes.

What can be done- First thing before amending law is to reduce the gap left out between schools in villages, and private schools in the city, as technology plays an important role in changing mindset of people. The second thing that needs to be implemented is classes for woman safety in every school and college. With the advancement of technology, we can develop a siren that can be installed in every locality, connected to an app, so that if there is an issue in the locality, it can be detected and siren gets switched on. The third thing that can be done, is set up a separate tribunal court for issues related to the woman. After this, amending the law needs to be done including life imprisonment as its punishment. Moreover, accused should be deprived of any government benefits. The only way our nation could progress is by strengthening the pillar of the society-the woman.

The amendment of law is the foremost thing that needs to fall into place. But one shouldn’t forget that we live in an era of internet where everything is “connected”. The drive to make every woman equip with the right technology should be at the top of the “to-do-things-for-woman-safety”. By right technology, I mean the awareness over social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not just social networking tools. They have become powerful social messengers helping in widening the reach to the remotest of areas. The women in the society need to be abreast of the world they live in and the safety measures they need to adopt. The need of the hour is to do our bit and become a responsible citizen through something as common as the Internet itself which most of the privileged people cannot live without. I would also suggest to set up a separate tribunal court for issues pertaining to women. This would serve multiple benefits. It would lead to speedy execution which has become a remote possibility with innumerable cases piling up in the court every single day. Also, it would build the trust in the judiciary system for taking this up as a serious matter.

“She is both, hellfire and holy water, and flavour you taste depends on how you treat her.”

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