How ‘We’ can Learn from Expression of Creative freedom of ‘Others’

Not watching or boycotting alone may not solve the ultimate purpose. The ‘fringe’ audience has become bigger enough to buy it and make it viable. You need to create your own quality stuff. Create parallels or even bigger than that. ‘Rubbing the line’ which is offensive for you may not help. Be on front foot, draw a bigger, much bolder line! The conventional wisdom says,  you may not stop others, but you can definitely create your own, a superior one. Be it cinema, be it product, be it literature. Create better stuff is the bottom line!

In 1970s and then in 80s there were calls to boycott ‘videshi’. But hardly any practical alternative till a few years ago. Hence not much takers for the ‘swadeshi’ calls then. It took one corporate Baba to make Indians realize that they have arrived. In FMCG, Patanjali is doing to ‘videshi’ players what Virat Kohli did to Pakistanis or Britishers in cricket, or Narendra Modi did to his opponents in politics. Its sheer talent. Talent speaks, and win! But in cinema?

Let’s check out Amir Khan’s template & modus operandi. He talks about 8 ‘nice’ things & forcefully insert ‘ideology’ in 2 things. He carefully crafted a fictitious topi character (a butcher) who sell meat, had all praise for the family of wrestlers, later traveled to Delhi along with her daughters (not covered in burka though) to watch the finals. Oops!

The silent message was, “while whole village is hounding the poor wrestler, but a butcher supports the ‘women game’ and is all keen to accept the ‘modernism’!” Funny.. Isn’t it? We know the reality, how women being treated and covered from top to bottom even in educated class in ‘minority’, leave alone the butcher class !

Moreover, the actor is known for executing ‘details’, but has opted to give a miss to Lord Hanuman’s picture/ idol which is an INTEGRAL part of not only Haryana’s but every Indian akhada and dangals. The veteran wrestler on which the biopic is made is known to be a Hanuman bhakt. But the detail oriented actor has ‘different’ ideas.

This is Amir Khan’s sheer talent to sold LIES and absolute opposite of what is actually happening in real world in a ‘nice’ packaged manner. Remember his template, “2 ideological stuff inserted inside 8 ‘nice’ things”. Obvious of gullible audience to consume it instantly.

In a free market and ‘guilt conscious India’, where ‘herd mentality’ is a religion you cannot ‘hold’ expression of ‘creative’ freedom. Idea should be to take the ‘advantage’ out of it. There are enough of ‘realities’ around and ‘reforms’ required like triple talaaq to nikaah halala. I wonder even if a meager percentage of Indians know what Halala nikaah is all about? or Why ‘Sati’ or ‘Parda’ was introduced in first place, could be inserted or packaged under plenty of “Nice” things and sell out. Reactions would be interesting!

Draw a bigger, longer and much bolder line. Talent & creativity sells.

Pranjal Bajpai

Pranjal is an Architect , passionate for design, infrastructure & cityscape. He is based out in Delhi and works for a global design & health technology company. Mythology, History and technology excites him.

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