Demonetisation is not about Uttar Pradesh but about Kashmir, North-East, Terror and Naxalism

On 8th November, 2016 the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced about the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. Since then public across the country has been facing some or the other kind of inconvenience at various banks and ATMs but overall it has given a huge “thumbs up” to such a bold move by the Government of India. Public is enthusiastic about the fact that Narendra Modi is delivering on various issues he vowed to tackle during the election campaign for the 2014 general elections. Everyone waiting in the long queues outside banks and ATMs is acknowledging the point that it is a temporary discomfort. They know that in the long run this is going to benefit India’s taxpayer and lower sections of the society.

India’s “Parallel Economy” i.e. the Black Money amounts to about 30-35% of the whole Indian economy. Apart from that most dangerous use of the fake currency was being done by various terrorist outfits across the border for promoting terror activities in Kashmir, North East and various other parts of the India. This menace of black money was de-stabilising the Indian economy to its core. The decision to demonetise the above mentioned denominations of Indian Currency has come as a much needed jolt to the evil intensions of enemy across the border.

Having a myopic approach towards this decision, most of the opposition parties are terming this historic decision as a political move to gain electoral ground in the upcoming state elections across India, especially Uttar Pradesh. A fresh attack launched on the Narendra Modi led NDA Government is that the demonetisation is being implemented to wipe out BJP’s opponents for the upcoming state elections in UP. Critics can say whatever they want to but elections of UP are a thing of the future. No one can give exact answer about what does the future hold for a political party in Indian elections. Nobody knows about it and certainly not the BJP.  It’s a thing of future and only time will tell what’s going to happen.

On the other hand present is something which exists, can be evaluated and most importantly, can be commented upon. Reality is that Kashmir as of now has been badly affected by terrorism & separatist movements & no one can deny the role of Black Money and Fake currencies in worsening the situation over the years. This single decision has killed Terror outfits in a single day. Evil forces stand bankrupt today and Kashmir has started to strive back slowly to normalcy since past few days. Fake currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 from across the border used by the separatists for promoting clashes have been reduced to absolute nil and life is coming back to normal in the Valley as more than 48000 students are appearing for their respective 10th and 12th board examinations. This can be certainly listed as a huge achievement of this new scheme. There are similar report from Naxal hit areas and North East. Definitely ending them completely won’t be that easy but Good forces have definitely gained ground everywhere. Critics need to consider this point and think about fact that inconvenience which has been or will be caused to the public for approximately next 50 days is worth going through. Every Indian citizen must support this historic step of PM Narendra Modi.

I’ll conclude by saying what I feel “भाजपा उत्तर प्रदेश में जीते या हारे, भारत नहीं हारना चाहिए”

Navrang SB

Navrang initiated & led various Social Media campaigns for the BJP including various state elections & Loksabha elections 2014. He is a based in Delhi and tweets from @navrang


  1. Priyank Thakur
    November 22, 2016 - 11:31 am

    Yup, politicising this apolitical & great move by Corrupt politicians is truly anti National. Nice article, spl the concluding remark 🙂

  2. P R K RAJU.
    November 22, 2016 - 12:53 pm

    Our prime minister, Modiji has taken a great dynamic step of demonstration.
    Every citizen of India must appriciate this . , but some selfish people are creating negative propaganda on this issue. In this world ,the real workers only will face all the abuses, because they work without any selfishness.
    God sent Modi ji to cleanup India and the Universe too.This is my hard feeling.
    Whenever good things done by any person with out selfishness, people will bark at him . I know
    Modiji will not care all these barkings.


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